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why sanar

Why Sanar

Properties built on international standards are first visualised to be homes for humans. Architects imagine life in the property, looking up the dimensions of the to-be home from various different angles, then they bring in supporting materials like cement and beams to bring their visualizations to reality. The root of the property always remains steady - the place should feel like home. That’s how we believe homes are meant to be built. A home is open, a home welcomes sunlight, a home’s comfort should start when you park your car. Sanar Lifestyles brings the mentioned international standard to Pakistan. We're adding emotions to the bland property industry of Pakistan. We don't have superhumans working for us, nor is the material we use from mars. However, what we have is the full intention of creating for our clients a place that they can proudly call home.






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  • F1 | Building 10-C | Lane12 | Bukhari Comm. Phase 6 DHA Karachi – 75500 | Sindh | Pakistan


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